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“Solar Service” OOD provides warranty and out-of-warranty maintenance of all photovoltaic power plants installed by our company or installed by other companies. We have highly qualified personnel with extensive experience and excellent technical equipment for the maintenance of photovoltaic power plants.
The regular maintenance of the photovoltaic power plant ensures its long service life and reduces the expenses on out-of-warranty maintenance of the equipment.

The technical maintenance and support of a photovoltaic plant is performed 24/7 and includes the following services:

  • Daily monitoring of the operation of the photovoltaic plant using a monitoring system;
  • Quick detection of technical issues and their timely elimination;
  • Annual technical inspection, with the following activities,
  • Visual control of the solar power plants and their inspection with a thermal imaging camera
  • Tightening of the load-bearing structure and the photovoltaic panels
  • Measurement of the DC and AC circuits
  • Cleaning and maintenance of the inverters and substations
  • Cleaning and tightening of the main switchboard string boxes
Examination of the FEC with a thermal camera

Inspection of your power plant with a modern thermal imaging camera, which ends with a detailed report, accompanied by photos of the condition of photovoltaic panels and electrical equipment, identified problems or the presence of indicators of problems in the future operation of the plant.

Inspection of the FEC with a measuring station

Inspection of installations with a model measuring station, accompanied by a status report and possible measures to improve efficiency.

Cleaning of photovoltaic panels

Professional cleaning of photovoltaic panels, automated with a special brush, which in combination with softened water and detergents will provide quality washing of the surface, thus ensuring maximum efficiency of the plant and long life of the panels.

Dispatch of RES power plants

Regulating the production of renewable energy plants.

Monitoring and maintenance

Monitoring and subscription maintenance of FEC and VyaEC.