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“Solar Service” OOD offers its customers complete engineering, which means a comprehensive service. This covers the whole process – from the customer's idea to build a photovoltaic power plant (FPP), which converts solar energy into electricity, to its commissioning into service.
This process begins with prior consultation and inspection of the property. Specification of the possible places and areas for the placement of photovoltaic panels – on the ground or on roof structures. Identifying the type of the object, its operational features and the connected power capacity for the user’s needs. Taking the wishes of the customer into account, as well as the options for installation, providing recommendations for the type and power generation capacity of the future photovoltaic plant. We work closely with our customers to find the optimal solution for each case.

The electricity produced by the photovoltaic power plant can be used to satisfy the own power consumption needs of the site in which it is built or to supply the entire amount of produced electricity for sale.
The electricity produced by the plant can be sold at a preferential price – for plants of up to 30 kWp, when built in urbanized properties with buildings connected to the electricity grid, or it can be sold on the open market at the prices offered on the Independent Energy Exchange.
We advise our customers to plan and design each photovoltaic power plant as a separate project, thus ensuring its trouble-free installation, high efficiency and ultimate customer satisfaction. It is very important to find the best solution for each specific project so it can meet your needs and requirements for the final product, while also tailored to your budget.

The procedure for construction and commissioning of the photovoltaic plant into operation goes through the following stages:

  • Receiving a project permit for designing the photovoltaic power plant - by the Chief Architect of the respective Municipality;
  • Studying the requirements and the method of connection of the PPP to the electricity distribution network – by the respective regional electricity distribution company, which issues an
  • Opinion on those requirements;
  • In accordance with the issued Opinion and the type of the PPP – we prepare technical projects in all of their component parts, for construction categories - 3 and 6 within the meaning of the Spatial Development Act;
  • Coordination of the project documentation – with the Respective institutions – Electricity Distribution Company, Water and Sewerage Utility Services , the Bulgarian Telecommunications Company, the Regional Environmental and Water Inspectorate, the Municipalities and the other concerned parties;
  • Issuance of a Permit for construction of the PPP – by the respective Municipality;
  • Signing a Contract for grid connection of the PPP – by the respective regional electricity distribution company;
  • Construction of the PPP;
  • Preparation of the accompanying documentation for the suitability of the constructed PPP and its submission to the respective authorities for the appointment of an Acceptance Committee;
  • Acceptance of the constructed FEC - by the Electricity Distribution Company or the Regional Directorate for National Construction Control;
  • Signing a Contract for the purchase of the generated electricity – with a Licensed Electricity Trader.
  • When the PPP is constructed for the site’s own needs – Registration under the Excise Duties and Tax Warehouses Act – by the respective Customs service;
  • Simultaneous connection of the PPP to the electricity distribution network.

“Solar Service” OOD offers its customers the completion of the above administrative procedures, on their behalf, after we are provided with a notarized Power of Attorney. In this way, the customer’s time is free to perform their main activity.